It's all in the Details: One of a Kind Gifts for HER

The littlest details can make the biggest difference in gifts.  Check out our favs + discount codes below.

Pro Tip: All you have to do is Click on the Shop name and it will take you directly to the site to purchase.

COATT Morse Code Jewelry : Custom bracelets + necklaces made from Morse code.  Perfect for someone who wants a special message JUST for them.  Use special code MOREPLEASEMAMA40 through for 40% off site wide through 12/2/17.  My favorite dainty, personal bracelet for stacking.  It looks great with other bracelets too.

We love this for children's names, new last names, husbands, aunt, and even just for PEACE, LOVE or JOY things we could all use more of. :) 

We also love back stories of our favorite small shops:

COATT's history is as unique as each bracelet.  The line originally debuted in 2010 in Portland, Oregon although you could say it was born in her elementary days.  The creator, Rebecca, would sell jewelry she made at the playground which would send her to the principal's office (who of course ended up buying jewelry from her, too!)  She learned MORSE code from her Grandfather who was in WW2 as a child too.  Isn't it funny how life can bring you back to your roots and your true passion?  Her love for jewelry was always there and is seen in her sentimental pieces.

Le Papier Studio : Custom silhouettes of your little one - jewelry and keepsakes.  OBSESSED!  I would happily give everyone a gift from here.  Code is CYBER17 only on Cyber Monday for 15% off + Free Shipping for orders over $150.  

It's funny how as a parent you want time to both go slower and faster.  We love how these pieces freeze such a great time in your child's life.  Those cheeby cheeks and wispy hair may not always be there, but you can preserve them in one of a kind pieces like this.

Tip: I got silhouette photos of my wild 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old while they were sleeping because there was no way they were going to sit still for a portrait photo! 



Baby + Kid Holiday Gift Ideas

Here's how we picked items on the below list:

1. They must inspire the child to think creatively + promote the use of imagination.

2. Limit toys with batteries

3. Toys that make them move. 

4. Quality over quantity.  They don't need a ton of toys - just a couple good, quality ones.

5. Products should be durable enough for you kid to play.


Making shopping easy: Click on each title below, it will take you directly to the product!




Name Puzzle.  Every little will love this beautiful puzzle.  Fun way to learn the most important letters in the alphabet: their names! :) 

Squigz. They are incredibly open ended and both my  1 year old and 3 year old are obsessed with them!  They can stick anywhere, be brought in the bath, it really is a limitless toy that's great for imaginative play.  

Saranoni Lovey Blanket.  So soft. SO SO Soft. These luxurious mini blankets are rerfect for winter cuddles and washes incredibly well.  

Scuttlebug.  Get moving!  These are so fun and fold up flat for storage.  Little one will love zooming around on one of these. 




Curvy Board. This is our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE toy at home for both my 1 year old + 3 year old.  They surf, rock, climb, slide, everything possible with this toy.  It's incredibly open-ended and a blast for all ages.  (Yes, mama likes to use it too - it's seriously so fun!)  Use code: Toylibraries2017 to receive a 15% discount off your order (offer ends on 11/30)- make sure you mention you got it from More Please Mama! 

Boogie Scribble Board.  Modern day toys meets Etch-a-Sketch.  Great for travel + restaurants.

Kinetic Sand.  Will be your best friend on rainy days and your kid will absolutely love the feel of sand between their little fingers.  It has an easy clean up and will be fun for beach days inside. 

Imagistones. Inspire story telling with these fun and colorful story stones.  Hand painted by sisters in the UK, your little one will love the details of each stone and mama will love all the open play. (And if your babe loves rocks as much as mine does, it;s a double bonus!!) Use code MPM10 for 10% off.  Best for 3 and up.  (ages 3 and up) Story Stones are amazing!  Hand painted by sisters in the UK, your little one will love the details of each stone and mama will love all the open play.

KiwiCrate : An amazing experiential gift that will have your little one exploring new topics each month.  You get a box in the mail with a book and 3-5 projects that coincide.  We are on our second year of it - we love it! 








Don't forget the Teachers! Gift ideas

Every teacher we know loves coffee, Starbucks and wine.  Here are some fun combinations (+ exclusive discount codes) to give your teacher something really special this year!  

Pro Tip: Go in with a couple families to get the teachers a bigger gift and just add a personal note from yourself to it!

Melted Crayon Art We had this made for my son's preschool class teachers and went in as a group with a couple families.  Huge hit, beautiful and will hang for them forever.  Click here to purchase with 18% off using code TEACHER18 (just for our community!)

One of a Kind Teacher Mugs + Gift Card  These mugs are so cute!  Let's face it, these teachers must need a lot of caffeine for our energetic babes so why not give them a mug that makes them smile + a gift card for coffee or Target?