Babies and Toddlers

little gifts for your little one

perfect for the smallest member of your family


why we love it: the sweetest little reindeer is so sweet and a simple way to add holiday spirit to your nursery


nou nou bear

why we love it: so soft and snuggly and my 2 year old carries him everywhere


wander and roam  

 why we love it: these mats are gorgeous and the right amount of squishy. we love that they are two sided and gorgeous in your space while keeping your baby’s play area padded. our only complaint: wish it came in bigger sizes!


happy oak toys 

why we love it: we love wooden toys, especially when they can be used for making learning fun.



why we love it: comes in blush and gray and small and large. love to give this in a baby shower gift - who wouldn’t love to snuggle up to an adorable hippo


noah’s friends

why we love it: stuffed animal parties are all the rage and who noah’s friends bring a lot of charm to the party



why we love it: definitely on our list for new babies! this new product is not only adorable, the octopus “arms” are supposed to remind your new baby of an umbilical cord and help soothe


tegu stacker

why we love it: we love tegu so were excited to see this new stacking and colorful product. would be a nice start or addition to any collection


doughnut rattles

why we love it: sure to be a hit at a baby shower - doughnuts are almost always a good idea



why we love it: his long arms truly make him adorable


pretzel rattles

why we love it: the New Yorker in us obviously loves this rattle toy


little book of you

why we love it: one of our favorite gifts this year (you’ll also find it under our personalized gifts gift guide) because it is so unique and really makes baby books easy to put together. love that you can read this book to your little one to and tell them everything from where you lived when they were born to what the weather was like to how much milk cost that year


banana brush

why we love it: super easy to hold and great for teething babies


wiwurka toys

why we love it: literally almost everything is on our list from this place. perfect and safe way for your little climbers to explore

image courtesy of wiwurka toys

image courtesy of wiwurka toys

bath toys

why we love it: every babe needs bath toys and we love that these next two won’t get moldy and gross


grapple toy

why we love it: great for restaurants or on the go. this handy toy holds other toys. (now don’t you want to put this on your highchair already?)


melissa and doug wooden blocks

why we love it:  they will use these for years and years.  We also found it a good toy both our 1 and 3 year olds could play with together and still play with at 2.5 and 4.5 years.   



gifts that keep on giving


Kiwi crate  

why we love it:  activities are fun and stress free when everything you need comes in one box.  Each month a box ones with a few activities that allow the child to do a fun project and learn something new.  Great gift to ask grandma for and to use on rainy days stuck inside.  

Image courtesy of kiwi crate

Image courtesy of kiwi crate

whimsical woolies

why we love it: my little girl is loving getting a new necklace each month with this fun and playful subscription  

Image courtesy of whimsical woolies

Image courtesy of whimsical woolies

little poppy co  

 why we love it: new bows each month are fun, especially when they are made with good quality like these

Image courtesy of little poppy co

Image courtesy of little poppy co

 highlights magazine

why we love it:  we love the activity pages and let’s be real- this is nostalgic too 

Image courtesy of highlights

Image courtesy of highlights

fancy sprinkles

why we love it:  sprinkles make life more fun.  perfect for the baking enthusiast in your life- a monthly box of sprinkles


veggie buds club

why we love it:  great way to help kids learn to love veggies and offers fun recipes you can cook together . 25% off all subscriptions on Black Friday and Cyber Monday





way to play road

why we love it: it’s waterproof, so perfect to play indoors and out. we also love that kiddos can build the road however they like. this is on our christmas list this year!


kinderfeets wooden balance board

why we love it: my son is always moving so this is awesome. he rocks and rolls, he uses as a slide and as a bridge for his cars. one of our favorite toys at home

*the one we have is currently unavailable but we found this similar one on amazon for $99 (we don’t have it but reviews are good)


banwood bikes

why we love it: could your babe cruise in a more adorable style? stay tuned for pedals coming early 2019 if balance bike isn’t your thing.



why we love it: we’ve been using micro kick board scooters since our firsts were one and a half years old! So easy, so fun and so adorable. (and so convenient for city living!)


 sarah’s silks giant play silk + clips

why we love it: transform any space into a playscape, chase the rainbow, really can do anything with this multi use playsilk. clips help hold it in place


 calm mind kit 

why we love it: we all need a break and a way to help learn how to control our emotions. this is an amazing teacher curated starter collection to do exactly that


Pretend Play


sarah’s silks swords  

why we love it: the softest/friendliest play sword you will find for your little knight in shining armor.


loog mini guitar

why we love it: just look at it. perfect for a little rockstar


rainbow building tray  

 why we love it: these blocks could be used for anything including rainbow city road, a tall tower, etc.



candy lab toy cars

why we love it: these cars are made from gorgeous solid beechwood and water-based paint that are sure to go on a lot of adventures


goose grease peg dolls

why we love it: these dolls are used time and time again. they are adorable and my son loves them!


swoop bags

why we love it: after all the pretend play is over, throw it in this amazing bag and call it a day.  literally you will gift yourself time back in your day.


hape kitchen

why we love it: not too big and under $150 with a serving area.


tegu toys

why we love it: perfect for all different ages. One of our fav toys for young toddler and older toddlers to play with together.  Easy to use and so fun to create! 





why we love it: perfect for busy hands and the cutest robot around  





kwik stix

why we love it: this is always a favorite and a go to gift for us! they can (and are) used on literally everything.


easel (crate and kids)

why we love it: gorgeous and holds up fine against little boys (you know what we are talking about!)


melissa and doug mini easel (small space option):

why we love it: perfect for small spaces, two sided and magnetic.


confetti crayons 

why we love it: an attractive combination of colors


kid made modern craft box 

why we love it: everything you need to jump start your craft collection


scratch and scribble

why we love it: Fun and different take on coloring


meteor monsters

why we love it: molding dough that doesn’t dry out in a travel size


magic puffy pens

why we love it: add heat and your artwork puffs up into 3D works of art


omy reuseable wall stickers

why we love it: they glow and the dark and can be moved around easily without damaging walls.


omy coloring placemats

why we love it: perfect for restaurants while you wait for food. tons of details to color or for playing eye spy.


omy gel crayons

why we love it: smooth crayons and love to throw these in the diaper bag for on the go since they have caps


omy giant coloring poster new york and california

why we love it: a fun way to learn about two towns dear to heart


kinetic sand

why we love it: this is an awesome toy to play with, buy a few bags and a container to play in and add construction toys and sand toys - your 2.5+ will love it.


boogie board scribble and play

why we love it: perfect for travel, rainbow swirls and great for doodlers or learning how to write and ABCs.