Opening Ceremonies Day

Veggie Olympics Torch: For Kids who Go for Gold


Excited to share our Snactivity — it’s all about the Olympics!  It’s Opening Ceremonies and we couldn’t be more excited.  It’s so inspirational watching these athletes compete and a great reminder of how important it is to fuel our bodies with the good stuff.  Today, the Olympic torch reaches its destination from Olympia, Greece to the host city of the Olympics: Pyeoungchang, South Korea.  (Did you know it always travels from where the original flame was to the Olympic host city? - we did not until we were writing this but how do we not share it?!)   Sometimes it goes under water (Sydney 2000), or a plane, but each stop tells a significant story leading to the Olympic host city.  For this year, the flame was carried by 7500 torchbearers (talk about it taking a village!!) and caught a ride to the destination on a robot, steam train, marine cable car and a turtle ship.



The Olympic torch represents the “light of spirit, knowledge and life” (Thanks Google).  Our snack represents moms trying to sneak in veggies knowing that the ice-cream cone will definitely peak our toddler’s interest. 


While the journey of the torch is quite calculated and long, our snactivity is not.  This snack can be done in 3 minutes.  YES- 3 minutes. 


snacktivity steps



  1. Cut up red, green and yellow bell peppers to create “flames.”  (You could also use fruit: pineapple, cantaloupe and watermelon). 
  2. Put into the ice-cream cone. Walk around the house for your own personal ceremony (My toddler did this part 19898 times. Enjoy.

We hope you enjoyed our snack!  In the true spirit of the Olympics, we are so happy to connect, support and cheer each other on through motherhood and eating.

Want to know something that makes our heart feel GOLD?  This activity was featured on and you can see it HERE


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